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Family of six lined up in Ute Valley Park

In addition to photographing families and kids, I am occasionally asked by organizations to take some pictures of kids or families to be used for print pieces or on the website. These shots came from one of those instances. Here’s the backstory…

A local organization called Focus on the Family is active in the adoption and foster care space. Focus does these awesome Wait No More events across the United States with the purpose of raising awareness about adoption from foster care and the numerous kids who are waiting for forever families. Focus’ website says the following:

“Currently, the United States has more than 100,000 legal orphans waiting in foster care for adoptive families to call their own. Most people simply do not realize America has orphans because we do not have orphanages. Yet these hidden and often forgotten orphan children need love and security as much as any of God’s children. These children live in temporary foster homes, move frequently from home to home, and have no permanency in their lives. Unless they are adopted, they will exit or ‘age-out’ of the system at age 18 and become adults who belong nowhere and have no personal connection with anyone.

“At Focus on the Family, we believe that every child deserves to know the love of a forever family and that every family deserves the chance to thrive… To that end, we are working collaboratively with state, county, church, and adoption agency leaders to help find families for waiting children and youth in foster care.”

The team working to spread the news about this great initiative asked me to photograph one of the families that has adopted from foster care and lives here in the Colorado Springs area. This is that family. We only needed a certain type of family photo, so we didn’t shoot for long or have many photos from the session. But I snapped a few of all the kids while we were out. 🙂 And I’ve just got to say, I love each one of these kiddos.  Their personalities are all electric! They are fun to be around, fun to talk to, and fun to photograph!

Close up of little girl smiling Close up of young boy smiling Family of six lined up on fence in Ute Valley Park Close up of little girl smiling Close up of young boy smiling Dad rough playing with daughter Mom holding daughter and both smiling big Family of six lined up in Ute Valley Park


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