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How Would You Describe Your Style?

My style can be described as laid-back, genuine, and natural. With all of my packages (Family, Newborn, Maternity, Fresh48, & Seniors), I shoot lifestyle photography. Below you’ll find details on each package, but what is “lifestyle photography” and what does that mean for your session?

“Laid-back, Genuine, and Natural”

You can think of lifestyle photography as a mix between traditional portraiture and documentary photography. In a traditional portrait, you expect all eyes on the camera and smiling faces. In documentary photography, you see images that show not only the smiling faces but the sometimes crazy moments in between too (say hello to the wild child busting dance moves while trying to take that family picture). So with lifestyle photography, we meld those photographic styles.

“Images that capture, document, and reflect this precise moment of your Family’s life.”

In a lifestyle session with me, yes, I will pose you into what can be considered more traditional portraits, but I will also guide you through poses and actions (for example, “give your dad a big bear hug”) that mimic real life interactions and bring out the personalities of those in the picture. By doing so, we document the life and love that exist beyond a simple portrait. I want to capture what your family genuinely looks like and how you relate with each other. You’ll walk away not only with beautiful portraits but also with images that capture, document, and reflect this precise moment of your family’s life.


Family, Newborn, Maternity, Fresh48, and Senior sessions are all inclusive. No session fees. No fees for downloading your images.  One up-front price. Simply pay one price for the session and receive all edited images.

I believe the images from your session are immensely valuable. Each one shows a different facet of your loved ones, and each one is worth having in your family. I won’t make you choose which ones to keep and which ones you’ll lose. Promise. Download them all.



The number 1


$200 deposit due at booking to secure session date

  • Session length: Family Sessions range somewhere between one to two hours.
  • Session location: Wherever you are comfortable! There are so many gorgeous locations in Colorado Springs and Denver and the surrounding mountains. I’m always game for taking a family hike and getting photos with stunning mountain vistas! Some families also prefer to do family sessions in their home. I love that too. We can talk through some ideas, but ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable wherever we are!
  • Number of photos: I tell clients to expect at least 60, but usually it’s way more! 
  • What else to expect from this session: Come ready to just relax and enjoy the company and time with your family! If you have a furry friend that you’d like in some of the images as well, feel free to bring him/her along 🙂
Family Session Photo

The number 2

NEWborn SESSION | $400

$200 deposit due at booking to secure session date

  • Session length: Newborn sessions generally take about two hours. Baby needs a diaper change? Needs to eat? No sweat. We can shoot right through it, or if you’d rather take a little break to do what you need to do with more privacy, you got it! We’ll just hit pause.
  • Session timing: I encourage families to schedule their Newborn Session for sometime within your baby’s first two weeks, simply because they grow so quickly! But if you’re more comfortable waiting a bit longer, that’s ok too 🙂 We’ll tentatively book the session timing while you’re still pregnant but nail it down once baby has arrived!
  • Session location: Most frequently, these sessions are done in the comfort and intimacy of your own home. We want to document your baby, in your life. Common rooms for shooting include the nursery and master bedroom, but we’ll stick to whichever rooms have the most natural light. (Translation: you do not need to scrub your entire home top to bottom!) Outdoor Newborn Sessions are totally great too if you’d rather that outdoor vibe.
  • Number of photos: I tell clients to expect at least 60, but usually it’s way more! 
  • What else to expect from this session: We want to document and take portraits of your new little one, so we’ll get some pictures with just the baby – in his or her crib, laying on your master bed, getting an outfit change maybe, etc. But we also want to document the new family unit that your precious little one is joining! So we’ll focus time on pictures with the immediate family as well (pets are welcome too!).
Dad holds newborn baby boy in lap

The number 3

Maternity SESSION | $300

$150 deposit due at booking to secure session date

  • Session length: I try my best to keep Maternity Sessions within 1 hour because I know full-well that pregnant moms may be in need of a break (bathroom break, snack break, or just to get off your feet!).
  • Session timing: Most women prefer to have their Maternity Session taken around 30 weeks – big enough to know it’s a baby bump but not SO big that you’re too uncomfortable! 
  • Session location: The location for these is up to you. Most will choose either a beautiful outdoor location or their home. When shot inside the home, we will shoot wherever there is the best light. If your nursery is prepared, we can try taking some shots inside the baby’s room.
  • Number of photos: I tell clients to expect at least 50, but usually it’s way more! 
  • What else to expect from this session: The focus for this session is the glowing mom, but other immediate family members are welcomed and encouraged to join the shoot to celebrate mom and the new baby.
Woman holding pregnant belly

The number 4

Fresh48 Session | $300

$150 deposit due at booking to secure session date

  • Session length: Fresh48 Sessions are usually around 30 minutes.
  • Session timing: As the name implies, Fresh48 sessions are done within the first couple days of your newborn’s life – essentially before you leave the hospital. 
  • Session location: The location for Fresh48 sessions is wherever you gave birth – in the hospital, at a birthing center, or in your home.
  • Number of photos: You can expect around 30 photos.
  • What else to expect from this session: Fresh48 Sessions are very casual and unposed. My goodness, you’ve just had a baby. Please don’t expect much from yourself. Those first few days of getting to know your new family member are so dramatic and eventful. There’s a new person in the world! Let’s document that, so that when your head has finally cleared the haze of childbirth exhaustion, you can look back and fully take in those moments. This session is to document this new life entering your family and to grab a few quick shots of baby with mom, dad, and any siblings. My kids were both in jaundice light-therapy beds after birth; yours might be getting some other special help. That’s ok! If you and baby are able to accept visitors, then there’s no reason to not capture this new beginning. That’s just his or her unique way of entering the world, and we’ll work with it!
Fresh48 Session picture of baby toes

Baby Bundle

Maternity + Fresh48 + Newborn

$800 (20% off)

Maternity + Fresh48

$510 (15% off)

Maternity + Newborn

$595 (15% off)

The number 5

SENIOR Session | $300

$150 deposit due at booking to secure session date

  • Session length: Senior Sessions are usually around 30 minutes.
  • Session location: Wherever you feel most comfortable posing for portraits! Most choose a nice outdoor location.
  • Number of photos: You can expect around 15 photos.
  • What else to expect from this session: Feel free to bring one outfit change if you’d like to have two outfits to choose from. My Senior Sessions are a celebration of you at this stage in life. So if you’d like to bring an item along that has particular significance to your high school years (musical instrument, sports ball, etc.), feel free to do so!
High School Senior Portrait of Girl

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