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Family portrait with baby on bed with mom and dad

I met this family through another photographer, and I’m so happy that I did. These parents were so kind and calm, and you could see how they loved each other and their girls unconditionally. They welcomed me into their home where I photographed their adorable two year old and five month old girls. We then ventured out to a nearby park where their eldest daughter could not get enough of the dandelions and was delighted to find some gigantic mushrooms right at the end of our time together. I love seeing a two year old explore our world, find new things, and take amusement in the ordinary parts of life 🙂

You can see pretty clearly in these pictures that their two year old didn’t sit still much, but I loved that! 🙂 For one, have you ever seen a two year old sit still? Their movement is what defines their age. And that is precisely what I want to document. Parents want to remember what their baby was like as a newborn, as a one year old, as a two year old, etc. And two year olds move around!

Meanwhile, her little sister, this sweet five month old baby, was just having one of those days where she wants to stay very close to mom or dad. I think lots of moms have an expectation that their babies will sit in front of a camera and be adorable for an hour. Surely, this does happen. But there are just those days, every now and then, that your baby just won’t take it, and all she wants to do is feel safe in your arms. On those days, you take pictures of baby with mom 🙂 This was one of those days. But personally, I couldn’t be more pleased. I adore baby and mom pictures. There is such a powerful bond between the two, and pictures that showcase this bond are images to cherish.

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