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Mom kisses baby boy

Michele and her family live in Denver, but her brother and his family live just down the street from me in Colorado Springs. I met her brother’s family a few years ago, and they have become some of my closest friends. Naturally, over the years, I met Michele and her family through Michele’s brother. Michele is a photographer herself, and I’ve worked alongside her for some of her weddings that she’s photographed. It’s been fun getting to know her more closely as a result!

When I met Michele, she only had one child – her eldest and only daughter. It’s been neat over the years to see her family grow and add two more little kids to the mix, her two young boys. When her second was still a new baby, I joined her in her home for a session of her with her kids. As every mom does, she had loads of pictures of her children, but not many pictures of her WITH her children. And I was more than happy to step in and help to document the special mother-child bond she has with each of her kids.

So when her third came along, she wanted to make sure she took the time to do the same with him. Once again, I made the short trip up to Denver and visited her in her home to take some special pictures of her with her children. We spent time with each child, and then piled everyone in together. I love sessions like this! It’s great when the whole family can get together for photos, but sometimes you just need to take the time to pause and get mom in the photo with her kids!

Mom and young daughter reading book together Mom and young daughter reading book togetherMom and daughter laughing while playing Daughter laughing with mom Mom and daughter snuggling and laughing in chair Mom and young boy hugging Mom and boy playing with toy Mom tickles son Mom holding son on back Mom and son snuggling in bed Mom and son snuggling in bed Mom holding son close and kissing his cheek Big sister and big brother waking up baby brother Mom and older siblings go to baby's crib to pick him up Mom snuggles with baby boy Mom snuggles with baby boy in her lap Mom snuggles with baby boy in her lap Mom snuggling baby boy and dancing Mom holding baby boy above her head Mom plays with baby boy on rocking horse Mom breastfeeding baby boy Mom breastfeeding baby boy Mom cuddling with children on bed Mom cuddling with children on bed Mom cuddling with children on bed


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