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Portrait of three young kids hugging and smiling

I recently started helping out in the nursery at my church, and they have a pretty rigorous application process. (Which,ย really,ย isn’t that a great thing?! Gotta keep those babies safe!) Part of the application process included an interview, and that’s where this story is going – the interview. Well, really the interviewer. Her name is Michelle, and I knew from the first time we emailed that she is a kind woman with a big heart. A week or two after the interview, she reached out to me to have photographs done of her kids and family. I couldn’t be more thankful that she did!

Umm, hello – do you see how adorable this family is? First of all, their names all start with the letter “M.” Who doesn’t love that? Second, those smiles. Third, seriously, truly lovely people. Their daughter, this little lady… She’s independent and the older sister of two brothers. She knows who’s boss ๐Ÿ˜‰ But you can see how she’s already starting to grow into the elegant woman she will become. Then there’s their middle child, their elder son. He’s a firecracker. Curious and charming. Newspaper-hat wearing, fisherman extraordinaire! And the youngest? Bless my heart, that little boy is adorable. Still young enough that you can see the baby in him, but his eyes are full of light and wonder. Ready to see what the big, wide world has for him.

This family lives nearby a little duck pond, so we headed over there for pictures. There were trees to climb, bounties of fish to catch, and geese to feed. We had a blast! Thanks Heeter family for letting me spend an evening with you and photographing your family and kids! It was a joy ๐Ÿ™‚

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