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Newborn baby yawning very wide in swaddle and hat

This post is a long time coming! Like coming up on a year long time coming. I don’t know how many times I’ve started to blog about this session and then couldn’t finish – call it writer’s block or something, but I’ll tell you it certainly wasn’t for a lack of cuteness on behalf of my model. ‘Cause in case you haven’t noticed already this baby is freakin adorable. Yes, I just used the word freakin to describe a baby… But for reals. What makes this little one even more amazing? She’s my niece. So that puts her within the top 3 best little girls in the world (the other two spots are taken by my other two nieces – apologies to the rest of the world that my family seems to have won the genetic jackpot of awesomeness).

Now, can I take just a second to express how much I love photographing newborn babies? Their entrance into this world is truly a miracle and being around them in their first week is pretty amazing. Being around a new little family member though? A baby that belongs to your tribe? That’s a whole other level of amazing. My husband and I live in Colorado, and our family is all out on the East Coast. So when we knew Elliana was expected sometime in October (of 2015 – see what I mean that this post is a long time coming??), we booked our tickets home! A little risky you might say booking tickets months in advance to meet a baby that may or may not be born yet, but Elliana knew we were coming to see her. She decided to make her grand entrance as soon as we got on the plane to go see her! She knew her favorite aunt and uncle were on their way, and she wanted as much time with us as possible 😉

Elliana came into this world at a whopping 9lb 5oz, and boy did she have the cheeks to prove it. I know I may be a little biased, but seriously… cutest baby ever! Much love, my dearie <3 Can’t wait to see you next time we visit!

Newborn baby awake Newborn baby's hand and face details Newborn baby eyes and lips detail shots Newborn baby feet curled up Newborn baby swaddled wearing hat Newborn baby swaddled wearing hat Newborn baby swaddled wearing hat Newborn baby foot and toes Sleeping newborn baby swaddled wearing hat Newborn baby swaddled wearing hat and stretching Newborn baby yawning very wide in swaddle and hat




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